It’s not about what parties can do this election, it’s about what they will do

If you live in these areas, please don't forget to vote!
If you live in these areas, please don't forget to vote!

From: Eric Waters, Ingleside Crescent, Lancing

Well, there were quite a few of them, stacks of them in fact, and they included improving the A21 and the railway, education, better jobs, vulnerable people, healthcare, drugs, violent crime, housing, mental health, deprivation, flooding; even something that I have never heard of before, namely electromagnetic sensitivity suffering.

I would have thought that the vast majority of the people living in this part of Sussex are already well aware of the problems that affect them and their families in an adverse way, without politicians of any persuasion having to draw their attention to them.

So, perhaps, it would be a good idea if they all stopped ‘stating the blooming obvious’, and actually told the voters, whose support they are crying out for, exactly how they are going to solve ‘their biggest priorities”.

It’s was dead easy for each of these politicians to rabbit on, producing lists of all the deficiencies that they believe exist in Hastings and Rye – anybody can do that - but what the voters really want to hear is exactly what each of them intends to do to correct them.

Not just ‘can do’, as one candidate was quoted as saying, but ‘will do’.

And not just ‘will do’ but how the doing will actually be done, so to speak.