Joe Cocker visited Rye to see his glass expert mate Andy


Local glass expert and charity supporter Andy McConnell has spoken of his sadness following the death of musician Joe Cocker on December 22.

In an incredible twist of fate Andy appeared in a pre-recorded show of Celebrity Mastermind answering questions on Joe.

It was due to be screened on Tuesday December 23 but has now been postponed.

Andy said: “Joe was a dear old friend. We met in 1974 and became close, even very close.

“I stayed with him in California and he visited Rye a couple of times. Our Sheffield pub crawls were amongst the most hazardous experiences on my life!

“Our ways parted in 1982 after his duet with Jennifer Warnes, Up Here We Belong, became an international No 1 and won them a Grammy.

Joe was a lovely, lovely bloke, and we all considered him to be indestructible. It’s so sad to think that we’ll never see him, or his like again.

It is an extraordinary coincidence that I chose Joe as my specialised subject for an edition of Mastermind due to be broadcast on BBC 1. However, it will be rescheduled for some time in January.”