Jubilee-free Rye pub upsets residents with ‘offensive’ poster

THE Queens Head in Rye has outraged residents by declaring itsef Jubilee free.

While many in Rye were putting up flags and bunting to celebrate the happy occasion, the Landgate pub, which displays an inn sign of Queen Elizabeth 1, was declaring itself a Jubilee Free Zone and putting up a picture in its window of the Queen with a prohibitive red line across her face.

Some angry readers contacted the Observer to say that it amounted to “treason”

But Ben Fenton, from the pub, said people were taking the issue to seriously.

He said: “We are not anti-royal at all. It was a jubilee free zone in the same way as some pubs declare themselves a football free zone and was welcome by out patrons.

“We actually had people coming in, including holidaymakers, who said they wanted to get away from all the fervour for a while.

“We had a busy, enjoyable weekend with lost of people coming in.”

Resident Michael Lambert said: “I was astonished to see the sign.

“I am not against anybody not being a royalist, everyone to their own, but to deliberately antagonise the public with these posters is at best very stupid if a pub wants to attract customers.

“It would not surprise me if many regular customers now have second thoughts about using the Queens Head as most of “Rye Royal” has made a great effort to celebrate this historic occasion.

Clifford Barwood, from Military Road, said: “It is offensive disrespectful and insulting. It really is in poor taste.

“If you don’t want to do anything for the Jubilee that’s fine, but don’t put offensive posters up.”

Resident Margaret O’Neill said: “I would have gone to see Louis Turpin play there on the Saturday evening but decided not to go because of the poster.”

Let us know you view. Were people right to criticise or was it a welcome break from the celebrations? Email andy.hemsley@trbeckett.co.uk.