Landgate W.I. roll back the years

Landgate W.I SUS-150615-091131001
Landgate W.I SUS-150615-091131001

Landgate W.I. held a recent fair at the St Mary’s Centre in Lion Street, to celebrate the centenary year of the Women’s Institute.

Members presented a vast selection of craft goods and food all of which was prepared by themselves.

Representing the decades some members dressed in traditional “housewife” costume. serving tea and cake from pretty china and dishes. Members from various groups have been working tirelessly to produce sewn goods, baked cakes, jams and plants and which was keenly bought by the public. Beckley W.I. had a stall.

It was a great success and a tribute to an institute that has survived the decades and is still going strong even in this modern age. There are more branches being formed each year encouraging younger members. Landgate has gained many new members this year adding a variety of skills.

The members meet on the third Wednesday of the month at the St Mary’s Centre.