Last chance to cast your vote for charity

CATSFIELD–based Young Pioneers is calling on all local residents to help support its work with young people by voting for it to win £2,000 National Lottery funding for its Be Healthy programme – which has helped over 5,000 children battle childhood obesity.

Four years ago, after being hospitalised after an attack from school bullies, 12-year-old Luke Lancaster decided to make is cool to care and created a whole new charity and youth movement - Young Pioneers.

Today at 17, Luke is CEO of the charity which runs a number of schemes and its Be Healthy programme delivered by young people for young people has just been shortlisted for a National Lottery Award. Be Healthy shows how to lead a healthy lifestyle and provides health MOTs. Children and young people learn how to choose and shop for a healthy weekly diet for just £10.50 and the award-winning programme also offers simple tips on how to incorporate exercise into everyday life.

Young Pioneers also provides educational programmes that aim to engage vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalised young people, designed to develop self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem.

The National Lottery Awards is an annual search to find the UK’s favourite Lottery-funded projects. Over 83,000 people voted in the semi-finals of the awards, whittling 70 projects down to 21 finalists.

Luke said: “£2000 would enable us to fully train up ten vulnerable young people each year for the next two years. They in turn would literally help hundreds of young people have access to health MOTs and the opportunity to make positive choices about their health.” Voting closes on October 28 - vote for Young Pioneers on 0844 8368 700 or vote for free at