Loading bay will reduce danger

After months of deliberation Rye Town Council has now decided on the details of a new High Street loading bay aimed at improving road safety for pedestrians.

The dangers of delivery vehicles blocking pavements at Lion Street has been highlighted for more than a year now.

There have been several near misses with cars mounting pavements to get round parked vans and lorries.

After a meeting with the highways authority the council came up with the solution of creating a new loading bay, near the George Hotel in the High Street, to ease the problem.

But the process has been slowed by continuing debate on whether loading restrictions should be in operation 24 hours a day.

Cllr Michael Eve argues that the bay could be used for other vehicles to park in outside delivery times but other councillors were concerned that the situation would be harder to enforce for police if there was not a clear 24 hour order.

A special meeting of Rye Town Council, convened last week, voted in favour of round the clock enforcement.

The Council also decided that maximum period of use for the loading bay should be 10 minutes.

Cllr Granville Bantick, from the Rye Highways Forum, said: “It was agreed to accept the estimated costs involved amounting to a minimum of £2,750 if the Order was sealed after the expiry of the 6 month trial period or £4.750 should this period be extended.

“East Sussex County Council agreed to contribute £1,000. Rye Town Council has agreed the cost estimates.”

The order should be in place later this year.