Local kids able to enjoy creative fun

Mosaic Fun
Mosaic Fun

YOUNGSTERS in the Rye area enjoyed summer holiday fun taking part in Rye Bay Beach School.

The project was set up by Elsbeth Rankin, one of the governors of St Thomas’s School, Winchelsea, for local children aged from 6-11 years.

Having seen the ARRC mosaics on the Nature Reserve at Rye Harbour, she approached the ARRC charity asking for help with running a mosaic day at the Rye Harbour Sailing Club.

Cathy Pope and Lottie Babington, from ARRC’s Arts Department, ran the day’s workshop which was entitled ‘bird mosaic’.

Two designs showing a black headed gull were used for the activity.

After completing their individual mosaics the children went crabbing in the afternoon off the pontoon.

Children were asked by Elsbeth to sum up the day’s activities in one or two words, with seven year old Hettie commenting “Magnificent” and nine year old George declaring it “Outstanding.”