Lost camera holds treasured images of girl’s late father

AN impassioned plea has gone out to locate a camera lost at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve which contained the last pictures taken of a woman’s late father.

Claire Dixon was on a day-trip to the area with her friend Ian Brough last Friday (May 16) when she lost her camera at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve.

Ian explained: “Claire is absolutely devastated concerning its loss as there are hundreds of pictures on the SD card in the camera, including the very last pictures of her late beloved father. She has been beside herself with grief since it’s loss.

“It was lost in Rye Harbour Nature Reserve by the seats next to the Lime Kiln Cottage Information centre at approximately. 1.30pm last Friday.

“The camera is a leather cased (with the letters embossed on the case- IXUS) Cannon IXUS 115 HS compact camera.

The staff at the information centre have been informed as have the police, local shop, holiday centre and the ice cream seller.

“The loss of the camera is one thing, the pictures another. So if we can get just the SD card back it would be a huge thing to her.

“We were on a day trip to the area travelling from Guildford, Surrey, and we sat to have our lunch on the seats and the camera was left behind.

“The last known whereabouts of it was by the Lime Kiln Cottage Information Centre and from there we walked down to the beach and back again so if anyone has seen it or is likely to find it, it will be by the footpath between the information centre and the beach.

“We would very much appreciate the help of any Rye Observer readers or local people in this matter.”

If you have found the lost camera or have any information as to its whereabouts you can contact the Rye Observer and we will pass it on to Ian and Claire.

Call 01424 856781 or email andy.hemsley@jpress.co.uk.