Lotto winner: Battle lorry driver scoops £17.8m

A FORTNIGHT ago Matthew Breach was just an average man, going about his day to day business as a lorry driver, delivering aggregate and hardcore.

On his way home from work last Tuesday (March 8) he called into Budgens on Horsebridge Road in Hailsham for a pint of milk and on a whim decided to buy four National Lottery Lucky Dips.

Just twenty-four hours later the Battle trucker’s life changed forever when he became a multi-millionaire.

Matthew matched all six numbers and scooped the Lotto Triple Rollover jackpot worth £17,799,986.

The 37-year-old checked his numbers the day after the draw, while out in his lorry delivering aggregates for Rother Cartage.

After an initial look, he thought he had won the jackpot, but called his office to ask his boss to check.

After he read out four numbers, Matthew told him: “if you say 41 and 49 then I’ve won the jackpot”.

His boss thought Matthew was winding him up, but was waiting for him in the yard when he returned later that day.

After one further check, an almost speechless Matthew asked his boss to phone Camelot, the National Lottery operator.

It was only after this phone conversation that Matthew realised the size of the massive cheque which was waiting for him.

He said: “I felt sick, had an immediate headache and I just could not believe it.”

Matthew left work early and went straight over to see his mum Sandra to break the news.

He said: “I told my mum the news, but I then had a short nap to clear my head before I went to see my sisters.

“I’ve been in a bit of a daze since then to be honest.”

Matthew didn’t go into work the next day, and when asked if he planned to give up lorry driving for good he replied: “Definitely. No more getting up at silly o’clock for me!”

Despite the colossal win, Matthew kept his feet firmly on the ground over the weekend.

He said: “On Saturday I promised a friend I would dig a pond for him.

“On Saturday evening I had a bath because I had back ache and on Sunday I did nothing.

“Then on Monday and Tuesday...well, it’s all still a daze.”

Matthew added: “My friends and I always had conversations about what we would do if we won the lottery and now it’s here, I don’t know what to do.”

However, the new millionaire said the top of his spending list would be a new house, followed by swapping his humble Vauxhall Astra for something a bit more up-market.

Matthew said: “I expect it will be a Range Rover - that’s what all the lottery winners seem to buy!

“And I will test drive a few sports cars.”

He is also considering a holiday to Las Vegas, as the last time he went abroad was when he took a trip to Spain, more than 15 years ago.

But he admits his passport has long since expired.

Matthew added: “I won’t waste it (the money) on stupid things.

“I have not done anything at the moment.

“It is still sinking in.”

Matthew has played the lottery religiously for many years.

He played the Lotto four times a week - twice on a Saturday and twice on a Wednesday - since both draws began.

Until last week, he has only ever had £10 wins and once scooped £50 on a scratch card, but following his £17.8m win, Matthew says he has given up the game.

Matthew, who is single, said his friends were “really pleased” to hear of his good fortune.

But despite his new-found wealth, Matthew isn’t impressed with all the trappings of the millionaire lifestyle, telling reporters: “I’m getting sick of champagne.

“I don’t like it anyway - I would rather have a beer.”