Lucky to be alive

Lightning strike at Hollybush House, East Gulderford, Rye. 26/9/12
Lightning strike at Hollybush House, East Gulderford, Rye. 26/9/12

A RYE family are lucky to be alive after lightning struck their home at the height of Tuesday night’s electrical storm.

The detached home, at Camber Road, East Guldeford, was hit by lightning at 1.30am while the family slept.

It was only the quick thinking of a passing van driver, who banged on the door to alert them, that prevented a potential tragedy occurring.

Owner Rob Mills said: “If he hadn’t have banged on the door and managed to wake us we would all be dead.”

Lightning struck the roof and set a converted loft space on fire. The force of the bolt blew power sockets out of the walls.

There were beds in the rooms but luckily they were not occupied at the time.

Four fire engines tackled the blaze as the storm raged on and lightning continued to flash.

Two units from Rye were involved, backed up by fire engines from Broad Oak and Lydd.

Rye firefighter Andy Polley said: “The roof was well alight when we arrived and the conditions were very difficult, but we managed to contain 
the fire and stop it from spreading.”

Rob Mills, who praised firefighters for their efforts, said: “We had only refurbished the house six months ago.”

Were you the van driver who alerted the family to the blaze? If so get in touch with us.