Lying to avoid fines could lead to prison

DRIVERS who spin a tale to get out of speeding tickets could end up behind bars.

Police are working with safety camera operators in a crack-down on motorists who lie about being behind the wheel.

So far seven drivers in Sussex have been convicted of perverting the course of justice while a string of others are being investigated.

The partnership works by camera enquiry officers from Sussex Safer Roads Partnership putting together files on drivers who they believe could be lying to avoid speeding fines and points on their licences.

The files are then passed to detectives who question the suspects and charge them if there is enough evidence that they are deliberately lying.

Taxi driver Samih Salib was jailed for six months after his car was repeatedly caught going through safety cameras.

Detective Inspector Gavin Patch, of East Sussex CID, said: “If you think you can get away with speeding by giving us false details or making up a story, think again.

“Our staff are experts at spotting lies on forms and will find you out. Being convicted of perverting the course of justice will cost you more than being caught speeding and could even see you jailed.”