Maestro Mike livens up Bexhill

ST Leonards’ noted entertainer-at-the-piano, Mike Hatchard, is to be congratulated on adding improvised music and fun to Bexhill’s seasonal entertainment with his Christmas concert on December 18.

Long gone are the days when most homes boasted a piano. Mike revived the spirit of that time and of performers such as Flanders & Swan as he ranged through piano styles and songs from the last 90 years or so.

Playing digital piano, he recorded one of his solos and then played it back at once as accompaniment for himself live on violin! Next he played a piano rag for tap-dancing, nimble-footed Heather Rees, who organised the concert. Lastly he contrived to play a piano version of Count Basie’s famous big-band arrangement of April in Paris.

Maestro Mike certainly enlivened December in Bexhill for one evening.

Allan Bula

Wickham Avenue