MAGAZINE: Experts warn of health risks of dehydration in young and elderly

Experts have revealed that many of us are suffering from dehydration on a daily basis, potentially impacting the overall health of the nation, with the long-term dehydrated at risk of a range of health problems.

Dehydration can also be of particular concern for those at opposite ends of the age spectrum, the young and elderly, who are reliant on teachers, parents and carers to look after their nutrition needs.

In a recent survey by the European Hydration Institute, whilst 73% of Brits recognised that infants and children need water to grow, nearly a third didn’t know that dehydration can cause serious problems in older adults.

There is also widespread confusion over how much fluid we should be drinking and what types of fluids count towards our daily target.

So what are the signs of dehydration, what are the health implications of dehydration and besides water, what else can help hydrate you?

Watch the video, where experts from The European Hydration Institute, which was set up to investigate the effects of hydration on health, wellness and performance, give the most up-to-date information on staying hydrated.