Making plans now for the future life of Robertsbridge

Feedback  for a neighbourhood plan
Feedback for a neighbourhood plan

Robertsbridge was buzzing with life on Saturday - not only was there the hugely successful monthly Saturday market at the Village Hall, and the annual Salehurst Primary School Fête, but at the Youth Centre was an exhibition of possible housing developments for Robertsbridge.

Robertsbridge faces the task of trying to absorb at least 155 new homes that Rother District Council has decided in the new Core Strategy.

So the Parish Council in January started work on creating a Neighbourhood Plan.

Stephen Hardy, who chairs the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group said: “Everyone in the parish had the chance to look at all the possible sites for development of housing and for commercial activity over the next 13 years. Over 400 people came and looked at the maps and photographs displayed. The answers people gave on the comment sheets will provide the Group with evidence to go forward into our next stage – a parish wide questionnaire on what people want to go into their Neighbourhood Plan. It is a very exciting time for the community.”