Man slams inconsiderate motorists

A FED-UP Battle man has slammed motorists who park dangerously and illegally in residential areas to avoid paying car park fees in the town centre.

And Andy Martin, of Mountjoy, says police are not doing enough to tackle the problem.

Mr Martin also claims officers have taken nearly three months to respond to reports of a car, which regularly parks in the area, driving with a tax disc which ran out 11 months ago.

He says he has reported the vehicle, which he says has been parked on double yellow lines since before Christmas, to police seven times.

Mr Martin said: “When I went round to the police station with the information, they said they were busy.

“I have reported it several times to Lewes, I have reported it in the Battle nick and also to a bobby on the beat.”

He added: “It’s been there since before Christmas and every time you talk to Battle police station they fob you off.

“When I rang the non-emergency number and got through to Lewes, they said I should notify the DVLA.

“But do you notify the DVLA every time someone parks on double yellows?”

Mr Martin says there have been parking issues at Mountjoy for a long time, but says the problems have worsened in recent years.

He said: “People now use Mountjoy as a car park because of the charges in the town.

“The people in Mountjoy are getting absolutely fed up with the people of Battle just using it as a car park.

“Yesterday there were two lorries out there and with one opposite your driveway makes it impossible to get out.”

Mr Martin, a heating engineer, says there are often no parking spaces when he gets home from work and is often forced to park his works van on his lawn.

And in the morning, Mr Martin claims he often sees desperate drivers waiting for him to leave for work so they can move into his parking space.

There have also been incidents where impatient motorists, refusing to give way, have mounted the kerb and driven over footpaths and lawns.

Mr Martin said parking problems are not just confined to Mountjoy, but widespread across the town.

He said: “They all park up Caldbec Hill, which is a nightmare.

“You go up Battle Hill and there are cars parked all up Battle Hill because people do not want to pay for the station car park.

“They all park up in Glengorse because it is free.

“North Trade Road is another one - it’s just sheer bedlam because nothing can move.

“And if a fire appliance wanted to get to Sheppard Place, it would not be able to get up there.”

Sergeant Dan Russell, of Battle Police, said: “I am sorry that Mr Martin has not received the service he expected from us.

“I have personally spoken with him to discuss the ongoing parking issues.

“I have assured him that parking violations will be robustly enforced.

“The advice given to him about informing the DVLA was regarding vehicles who have expired road tax.

“We inform the DVLA on a regular basis about such vehicles.

“They will carry out the subsequent enforcement.

“I understand the frustrations of residents not being able to park in their street.

“However if vehicles are parked legally and not causing an obstruction then the police have no powers to deal with them, despite the inconvenience they cause.

“Parking problems continue to remain a priority for my team.

“School patrols are carried out daily to ensure the safety of road users and enforcement of offences when necessary.

“Other areas are also patrolled on a regular basis to enforce parking offences.

“My team will continue to work hard to promote road safety, working with other agencies.

“If anyone has concerns about parking issues, please do not hesitate to contact me on”