Mandarin lessons in school

Mandarin Club at Vinehall School
Mandarin Club at Vinehall School

Vinehall School has recently introduced a Mandarin Club which has been very well received by the children.

Mrs Yu who also teaches at Tonbridge School, provides an enthusiastic approach and has told tales of her work with baby pandas in China.

In addition to plenty of talk, ‘ni hao’, the children have cooked ‘danchaofan’ or egg-fried rice which was very tasty.

They have also written using Chinese calligraphy and iced biscuits with their favourite Chinese characters.

Headteacher, Richard Follett said “We like to adopt a forward thinking attitude to learning languages at Vinehall and by offering Mandarin to all the children from Year 1 and above we are reflecting the growing importance of China on the world stage, these children are our future business men and women and there will be a great demand for business Mandarin in the years to come.”