Massive effort saves Tilly the cat from railway line at Rye station

Tilly the Cat
Tilly the Cat

A VETERINARY nurse and a local police officer joined forces to help save an injured cat from the railway line at Rye.

Black and white cat Tilly has been spotted cowering under the footbridge by rail passengers who feared that she was injured.

Tara had to lie flat on wet, muddy ground in order to reach the cat which fortunately did not resist.

There was one heart stopping moment though as Tara grasped Tilly by the scruff of the neck but faltered as the gathered crowd of onlookers began to clap and cheer.

She managed to retain her grip on the startled animal and, wriggling out backwards, soon had the cat safely stowed in a secure carrier.

Back at the surgery, it became evident that the cat had a pelvic injury, possibly from a road accident.

Aged around eight, she appeared well cared for and was very friendly. Alerts went out via Facebook and Twitter and it wasn’t long before the worried and grateful owner arrived at Rye Surgery. Cinque Ports Vets would like to thank Sussex Police for their assistance in the rescue.

Tilly’s owner Billy Blackford said: “Her pelvis should heal over time . She is now home recovering . We would like to pass on the family’s appreciation to those who rescued her.”