Metres are helping to reduce bills says Southern Water

Sixty per cent of metered households have received a reduction in their water bills averaging approximately £11 a month says Southern Water.

And they claim ustomers are not only benefiting financially but are also helping to conserve vital water resources for the future because metered households use 10-18 per cent less water than unmetered customers.

Southern Water says the programme to install nearly 50,000 meters across the South East is bringing a fairer charging system by ensuring customers only pay for what they use.

However, for those customers in financial hardship free expert advice is available.

Last month, Southern Water reached the mid-way point in its metering programme and so far it is estimated that meters are saving, on average, 15 million litres of water a day by helping reduce overall demand. When the programme ends in 2015, approximately 30 million litres of water a day will be saved – that’s enough water to fill 12 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Darren Bentham, Southern Water’s Chief Customer Officer, said: “The area in which we live is classified by the Government as ‘water stressed’ which means we all have to do our bit to make sure there is enough drinking water for us and for the environment.

“Our metering programme is an important part of our 25-year plan to match water supply and demand. When considering the options for ensuring adequate water supplies in the future, metering offered our customers the lowest cost solution.

“During this difficult economic time we wanted to ensure bills stay affordable for all our customers which is why we offer specialist help to those most in need.

“We also provide all our customers with information and practical advice on saving water, energy and money.”