Mike celebrates smashing pot throwing record


WINCHELSEA Beach Potter Mike Crosby-Jones has beaten a world record after smashing a record by creating 163 pots in an hour.

In doing so he toppled the world record for pot throwing held, since June 2009, by Mark ‘Billy’ Byles, of the Aylesford Pottery near Maidstone.

Mike, 78, of the Gopsall Pottery, Winchelsea Beach, has potted for over 50 years and decided he would like to have a go at the record, albeit on an unofficial basis.

Mike went to art school in Norway in 1959 and on his return to the UK in 1966 joined the Briglin Pottery which was based in London’s West End.

In 1971 he set up Gopsall Pottery in Gopsall Street, London before relocating to the windmill in Rye in 1978 for four years and then moving to Winchelsea Beach.

It was whilst at Briglin that Mike found he had the skill to work fast at throwing pots and at Gopsall Pottery he was at one time producing 1,000 items a week for Chelsea Pottery.

On Saturday July 14 members of the Potteries of Rye Society congregated at Gopsall Pottery, to witness the awe-inspiring attempt on the world record.

In front of some 14 onlookers Mike started his attempt.

Mike was helped by two other local potters. Tim Smith ensured the balls of clay were ready and Steve Russell removed each plank of eight completed pots and stacked them on shelves.

Tim then placed a fresh plank in front of Mike. At the end of the hour Mike had thrown a magnificent 163 pots, seriously exceeding the current record.

Robin Wilson, from the Potteries of Rye Society, commented: “For a man of 78 years of age this was an incredible feat.

His son also videoed the whole hour and it is hoped to put this on You Tube shortly.

Mike got up from his wheel without any signs of exhaustion!

Mike’s pottery can be found for sale in Rye at Country Ways on Strand Quay.