More feeding birds than ever

Robin Feeding
Robin Feeding

PEOPLE are ignoring the recession and continuing to feed garden birds says the RSPB.

In fact more are feeding birds now than ever before according to the conservation body.

In a survey conducted by the RSPB, six out of ten adults in the UK say they have fed the birds in their garden over the last year, with more than half the population feeding them at least once a week.

Seeds and nuts are the most popular foods to put out - three quarters of those that feed the birds said they provide these - with around two-thirds putting out fat products and kitchen scraps. Price and value came out as the top concern for people when choosing their bird food.

Val Osborne, RSPB Wildlife Advisor, said; “Gardens are vital habitats for some of our most threatened birds like house sparrows, song thrushes and starlings. It’s heart-warming that people are making them as welcoming for wildlife as possible.

“Given the increasing financial pressures on families , it is interesting that feeding garden birds has increased by five percent over the last ten years, suggesting that people have made it a priority to help nature on their doorsteps despite tough times.”

Over a third of households with children said they fed birds as they enjoyed the family coming together to appreciate nature.

Val said: “For many children, discovering garden wildlife can be the first step in getting to know and love nature. A simple activity like filling up the feeders and then watching to see which birds visit can bring families together and inspire a shared love of the natural World.”