More than 100 in walk to raise cash for charity

Rye Walkers SUS-140520-114938001
Rye Walkers SUS-140520-114938001

RYE and Winchelsea Rotary Club’s annual walk on Sunday is expected to raise in the region of £2,000 for charities and good causes.

Around 100 walkers enjoyed brilliant sunshine for Sunday’s event along the banks of the River Rother.

The walk has been taking place for 16 years and has raised thousands of pounds in that time.

Derick Holman, from Rye Rotary, said: “It turned out to be the best weather in the sixteen years of this event. If anything it was a little too warm at times for the longer distance walkers.

“The routes chosen were very popular particularly along the River Rother bank and through the Rye golf course.

“In due course the club will know how much has been raised for local deserving causes when the sponsorship money is handed over. It is expected to raise a substantial amount for local charities.”

The organised short walks were either 2 or 3.5 miles up to a long walk of around ten miles.

Walkers chose their routes according to their aptitude starting from Phillips and Stubbs, in Cinque Ports Street and returning to Rye by various routes in time for lunch.

Rye Rotary provided maps, Marshals and refreshments near Moneypenny Farm.

Mr Holman said: “The walk was trouble free except for a couple of pulled muscles but help was not needed with these problems.”

Despite the success of the walk, organiser Richard Popple said the format may need updating in future years.

He said: “These days people expect multi interest events, so that they can choose how they contribute to charity more precisely.

“We’re asking the public how they would see this event evolving and looking for their suggestions for the future.”

Rye Rotary have recently opened a Twitter account @RyeRotary where suggestions can be forwarded, in addition to the clubs Facebook page

People can also contact the club on