Motorcyles make life misery claim

AN East Guldeford resident says constant noise from speeding motorcycles is shattering peace at weekends and making life a misery for residents.

Alan Harris, 67, who lives close to Salts Farm, said: “Where I live on the edge of the Marsh you can hear them coming from about five miles away.

“Some weekends it is just horrendous. It is a constant buzz all through the weekend.

“I have seen bikes tearing down New Road into Rye at colossal speeds. If you caught some of these guys they would be looking at a ban.

“It is as though they are sticking two fingers up and doing what they like in Rye.

“The police sometimes have a speed camera at New road on weekdays but never at weekends.

“I accept that I live on a main road and there will be noise, but it is often horrendous.

“In fairness lots of the bikers are sensible. We had a convoy of German bikers on around 100 Harley Davidsons’ a few weekends back and they rode past very quietly. It is those bikers with really loud exhausts that ride like bats out of hell that cause the problems.”

Police have launched Operation Ridesafe and have been speaking to bikers over the past few months about safe riding and showing respect for local communities.

They have said the issue is often one of perception as when they carried out recent speed checks the majority of bikers were riding within the speed limit.

But Mr Harris said: “Bikers communicate, often they are aware of when the police are around and inform each other, I am certain of that.”