This week we are at home to Kings Head (Ore). Hopefully lots of you have made a note of the fact that the Mountfield Bonfire will take place on Friday 2nd November this year and plan to go along to have a good time and support this event. It will raise money for the Mountfield Children’s Christmas Tea Party for babies, toddlers and those at primary school.The party will take place in the village hall on Saturday 15th December from 4pm until 6pm. Please call 07527 598736 and leave details of any eligible children - their name, age and contact details. Invitations will then be sent out nearer the time.

There now follows a letter from Trevor Sully;

Wayne Hardy sent the following report in about darts and push penny;We played at Crowhurst Park, unfortunately we lost darts 5 - 2 with the wins coming from Steve Sutton and Ian Hardy, we lost all of the pairs games. The push penny players fared better with a 4 - 1 win with wins by Alan Crouch, June Crouch, Barry Reader and Wayne Hardy.

This week we are at home to Kings Head (Ore).

Heather Mulligan, 15 Eatenden Lane