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I recently received a letter from Trevor Sully which was supposed to appear in last week’s Village Voice. Unfortunately, there was a technical hitch and it didn’t appear. Sorry about that. Here it is...

“In August a combined event incorporating my book launch and an amazing display of much of Mountfield’s archive collection took place: I think the event should be acknowledged as a resounding success. This was due largely to the effort and time put in by a local team in setting up the Village Hall the evening before and on the Saturday some of the same people were to the fore, readily assisting, with new faces joining the fray! I had some trepidation in the launching of my first published book but my worries proved to be unfounded because of the welcoming, friendly atmosphere offered to both me and my wife Sue by the organisers and visitors alike.

These organisers, presenters, refreshment makers and providers deserve naming ‘publicly’ for their efforts - and therefore I shall! My personal thanks, and I suspect this would be endorsed by those who turned up on the day, go to: Trish and Roger Jones; Colin Harmer; Dave Craven; John Parsons; Jean Woodgate; Yve Puxty and two of her daughters, for all their work on the Friday evening and/or the Saturday. Special reference to the particularly nice cakes should also be made at this point! My thanks also to Peter Miles who did an awful lot of unseen work in getting the event so well publicised – and ensuring that I had considered all manner of things which might otherwise have been overlooked. This certainly helped to make my day much easier. If I have omitted anybody from this list I humbly apologise and seek forgiveness!

“The number of people who turned up at the Village Hall truly justified all the hard work put in. The general consensus from the organisers after the event seems to be a figure of 200-250, and the generous voluntary entrance contributions, when added to the profits from both the ‘Mountfield Meanderings’ books sold and the refreshments, came to a figure of over £400. This money will, I understand, be used towards the ongoing maintenance of the Village Hall.

“And finally my thanks go to the many folk who took time out to have a chat, share their memories, tell a few anecdotes, and generally comment on a rural life that unfortunately in so many instances is slipping away. But it was quite clear to me as an ‘outsider’ that the community spirit still remains very strong in the area and how refreshing I found it to be able to see it in action.

“Although I wanted to spend more time with people, I am aware that at times things got rather hectic and conversations were curtailed. I would therefore ask anyone who feels that they want to contact me, please email me at, call/text on 07594 615251, or write to: 7, William Road, St. Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, TN38 8DE. Please rest assured that any information passed on to me and which isn’t already in the ever-growing Mountfield village archives soon will be, as Trish Jones and I are regularly exchanging new material.

“I’m sure that as I continue my family and local history research centred on the Mountfield area, I’ll be using the Village Voice to ask unresolved questions that someone might be able to help me with. As a starter – I met an interesting gentleman at the book launch who was telling me how the importance of the Mountfield Treasure Trove case had been mentioned as part of his daughter’s law degree course. Unfortunately, I didn’t get his details and wonder if anyone might know who he is. I believe he lives in or close to Mountfield – can you help? Several chocolate gold coins are the reward for any information leading to his identity.

“Trev Sully”

Steve Smith has sent the following results for snooker;

Mountfield 5 Burwash Common A 0

Following a week off Mountfield were keen to get back to winning ways with thier Hurst Green & District Division 3 snooker match.

Sean Splliett maintained his own 100% winning start to the season,making a break of 20 and clinching the 1st frame 51-39.Alex Gray making his Winter league debut,put Mountfield 2-0 by taking the next frame 48-24.The match was then won before the interval with Wayne Hardy winning the 3rd frame 66-25.

Mountfield didn’t let up after the interval with Ashley Sutton winning the 4th frame 66-28 Kevin Gray with a clearance of 18 winning the last frame 57-34.

Wayne Hardy has sent the darts and push penny results;

The A team played The Kings Head at home and lost darts 7 - 0 but won the pairs darts games, the ladies pairs of Maxine Gray and Kim Hardy, the mixed pair of Maxine Gray and Alex Gray and the mens pair of Danny O’Connor and Andy Saunders. The push penny team won 3 - 2 with wins for Dennis Smith, June Crouch and Wayne Hardy.

The B team played at The Millers Arm and lost darts 5 - 2 with the winners being Jack Hayler and Luke Hardy, they won the ladies pairs through Carole Brown and Rose Pelling. The push penny team lost 3 - 2 with wins from Dave Smith and Archie Pelling. This week it is A v B at the club.

Remember, remember just one week to go until 2nd November and the Mountfield Bonfire night!.