Peter Miles. Rock Cottage

Welcome back!

In the end, we were spending more time trying to recruit a new Village Voice than it would take to do it ourselves. So, here we are. If you have any news of interest to Mountfield or the local area, please let us know either by email ( or phone (01580 880 614, evenings please).

There’s a bit of ground to make up so let’s start with the Parish Council. Caroline Hollamby reported on the Annual Parish Assembly back in April. Last month was the Annual Council Meeting. Jim Ray was re-elected chairman. The other councillors remain Caroline Hollamby, Sue O’Sullivan, Raymond Baars, Mark Hardy, Paul Last and Peter Miles (vice chairman). The Council is, of course, still kept in order by our Clerk, Irene Marchant.

Irene also looks after the parish website. If you go to, you can sign up to receive email notification of local police reports, planned roadworks, planning applications and decisions, and other local news.

This morning, for example, the website emailed me to say that Mountfield Horticultural Society are organising a visit by coach to to Loseley Park Gardens on the 23rd June. I’ve just looked at the Loseley Park website and it looks glorious. Enquiries and booking to Celia Morris on 01580 880 458.

This is very much our first VV but we will be back with more next week.