Peter and Valerie Miles,

Earlier in the summer, we promised you more information on the Mountfield Community Arts Autumn term and can now confirm that classes will start on Tuesday 10th September at the Village Hall. The term lasts for 10 weeks and the following courses are available:

Tuesday mornings, from 10.00 until 12.30, Portraits with Juliette Dodd; Tuesday afternoons, 1.00 until 3.30, Watercolours with Barbara Valentine; and on Wednesday mornings and afternoons, Mixed Media with Barbara.

Costs for the Portrait courses are £95 for the 10 week term, all other course £78 for the term. For more information, please look at the website or contact the tutors: Barbara on (01424) 838264 or Juliette on (01424) 424010

We know a few people who have previously joined up for courses with Barbara and Juliette. They all say it is huge fun so if you have some free time, why not give it a go?

Sticking with the Village Hall, we mentioned last week that the Club have a handicap snooker tournament planned for next month. So far, mostly existing members have applied so a reminder that this event is open to members and non-members alike. Entries, by September 12 please, are only £1.50. If you are interested, give Steve Smith a call on 07720 298971 or via Then, on September 14, the Mountfield Club is holding a charity darts night with all members and non members welcome. And the Club is also hosting a Quiz Night on Saturday 28.

The Mountfield Club snooker team played a pre-season friendly match at home to Benenden who play in a higher division, and despite losing 2-4, played well with Alex Gray of Mountfield hitting a break of 22.

We are sad to report that our neighbours David and Sandy Brooker-Carey, who have lived at the Coach House at Banks Farm for the last three years or so, have left Mountfield for pastures new. David and Sandy are off to Scotland where they will be reunited with RML 526, one of the last surviving Fairmile B Royal Navy motor launches which, when restoration is complete, will be the largest surviving, seaworthy WWII warship. So now you know! More about David and Sandy and RML 526 soon.

We would also like to welcome two new neighbours, Sean and Yvette who have moved in at Castle Farm Cottages.

You might like to know that the Parish Council is back on the case with the many potholes on the lane, particularly immediately outside the church and on Rocks Hill. The stretch by the church is pretty well impassable for cyclists and not much better for those with four wheels. MPC is also on the case re the parlous state of the stiles opposite Castle Farm and by Taylors Cottage.

To end, a final reminder that the Lunch Club is meeting at Leeford Place on Monday, September 2. Please give Ruby a call on 880186 before six o’ clock Sunday so that she can confirm numbers.

As always, you know where we are: or 880614.