Peter and Valerie Miles,

We wish all our readers a very Happy New Year. In view of the holiday period, we will finalise our round up of 2013 as reported in the Village Voice.

August was a suitably quiet month apart from the epic clash between the Cricket Club and Football Club, at both sports, which raised nearly £900 for a very good cause, and a couple of oiks who helped themselves to 100 metres of copper wire from the board plant at BG. And you know what the Parish Council was doing.

In September, the Mountfield Ride raised £650 for church funds, the owners of Baldwins Farm published revisions to their application and Robin Harris saw white-haired ladies on his lawn. And the Parish Council was informed that we could expect to move up from 494th position on the repairs list once our “assets” had been assessed further — but only when funds allowed.

In October, Jackie wrote that, for Harvest Festival, our beautiful church “glowed in the glorious colours of autumn, tawny russets, golds and reds of the flower arrangements augmented by the fruits and vegetables”. ESCC announced that Robertsbridge would be one of the first exchanges to be upgraded to provide super-fast broadband though there were questions about exactly what this might actually deliver. Barbara Valentine won two prestigious awards from the Royal Miniature Society (which is actually much bigger than it sounds) and her group raised a further £200 for St Michael’s with an exhibition at Bodiam. And a freak rainstorm made an even bigger mess of our assets!

November brought St Jude’s storm which turned out not to be as bad as feared. Sadly, the threat of atrocious weather still caused the cancellation of the bonfire and fireworks, even though the bad weather ran late. We also got our first public sight of the draft plans or the sewerage system and treatment plant. These were on Mountfield Parish Council’s very full agenda at the November meeting, together with planning enforcement issues and … Well, you’ve guessed.

The main news in December was the arrival of The Rev’d Anne-Marie Crosse as our new incumbent but we have to report that MPC continued to shout about the roads and went straight to the head of Highways as the stretch outside the church is no longer safely passable. The message certainly got across; we’ll just need to see what happens — and when.

To round off 2013, we should like to say a few thank yous. First of all, a big thank you to all the people who have said such encouraging things about the Village Voice. Several have said that it’s the first thing they turn to — we couldn’t ask for more than that. We should also like to thank everyone who has sent us contributions and material. That means the column can do its job and serve Mountfield. In particular, we should thank Jackie for her contributions about all things All Saints and Steve Smith who has unfailingly kept us all up to date on the Mountfield Club. Our final thanks go to an unsung heroine. Month in, month out, Yve edits The Messenger and delivers it to the printers on time, as she has for many years now.

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