It’s a bit of a mixed bag of bits and bobs this week and we should probably start where we left off last week, with the granting of planning permission for the wretched sewage plant. We’ve had a number of reactions from those of you who have watched the webcast; they ranged from spluttering disbelief to legally actionable comments which, to keep you out of jail we shan’t quote here. For anyone who missed last week’s Village Voice, you can either go to Or, easier than mistyping that little lot, the link is on the parish website (; just go there and click on it. (When the webcast opens, there is a Timeline bar down the right so you can navigate to Agenda item 5 and to individual speakers beyond that.) Do email any thoughts. We won’t get you banged up.

We discovered last week, quite by accident, that we apparently have a new PCSO. She is PCSO Sam Kemp and she can be reached on 07787 685723. We have had a relatively quiet time recently with just the odd, opportunist incident from time to time but you might want to make a note of that number, if only on the umbrella principle: if you take your brolly it doesn’t rain. So perhaps if we were all to jot it down…

A final reminder, if it’s needed, that tomorrow (Saturday, August 2nd) is the Mountfield Flower Show with all the usual classes: Flowers, Vegetables, Flower Arranging, Crafts, Cookery, Photography, Juniors, etc. Lend your support and pop along for tea and cake, play some of the games, get lucky on the raffle and make rude comments about your neighbours’ entries.

Tonight (Friday 1st) is the Club’s car treasure hunt from 6.00 to 7.00 pm. Entry is £5.00 per car and there will be prizes and a BBQ afterwards.

The next Club event is on Thursday (August 7th) when Steve Smith will be hosting a charity quiz night. All are welcome, with an entry fee of £2.50 per head and a maximum of six per team, the evening will start at about 7.30ish. Please phone Steve to book your space (07521 902834).

The Mountfield Club has been chosen for the second year running to host the Hurst Green Snooker Summer League final. This says a lot about the facilities the Club has to offer compared with all the other clubs across a swathe of East Sussex. This year’s finalists are Battle and Cramp (Cranbrook), both top first division teams. The final will take place at the Club this Monday (August 4th).

British Gypsum held their annual families day at the King George V Field last Sunday (July 27th) and it was, apparently, a really successful day again, despite a couple of showers that passed through. Mountfield is exceptionally well equipped with resources for such a small village what with the KGVF, the playground, and the Village Hall plus the Club premises.

Talking of the playground, in case anyone is wondering, one of the junior swings has been temporarily removed for safety reasons. The Parish Council is on the case and it should be replaced soon, better than ever.

We should not let the anniversary pass without wishing DACS a happy first birthday. The Darwell Area Conservation Society, to give it its full name, already has 70 members. That makes it one of the best supported local causes. Over half the membership comes from Mountfield, and is spread across every part of the village: Eatenden Lane, Hoath Hill, John’s Cross, Glottenham, Church Lane — and what we prefer to call Upper Mountfield. (The rest are in the suburbs.) DACS was set up with two main purposes. The first was to help protect the Darwell valley from unwelcome and illegal developments. This it has done with considerable success; there is now another voice, alongside the Parish Council, to shout for what’s right and needs to be protected. The second key purpose is to celebrate and enjoy the area which DACS has done through a number of events, more of which are planned for the autumn. For more information about DACS or its programme of events, or to join, contact Pete (details below).

We were amazed to find local Discovery apples in the shops last week. They are usually late August/early September so are a good month early. They were fully grown and well coloured. Most of the hay locally has now been cut and carried on most farms and estates but we were taken aback to see some fields baled that usually contain significant levels of ragwort.

Finally, we’ve met several people in the last couple of weeks who had missed out on one event or another, or who would have supported something if they’d known about it, or who hadn’t heard the latest news about this or that. If you find someone local who doesn’t get the Battle Observer, do please put them right. The news pages carry the latest on the big issues of the day such as the Conquest, ambulances, trains, etc. Editorially, the paper was a staunch defender of the fire station. And we work hard each week at the local news and events. When asked, “What sewage plant?” we were lost for words. We think the Village Voice alone is worth the price — but then we would.

If you have any news or views for us, we are on 880614 (evenings) or via

Peter and Valerie Miles