HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN? Val had a nasty shock last week when the photograph above appeared. “Who the…?” Although certainly strange, he isn’t dangerous. (When the photographer came round, Val was hard at work up in London. It is to be hoped that we shall be able to replace this picture with one where Pete is mostly hidden behind Val — not easily achieved but surely easier on the eye.)

STANDARD PROCEDURE: Last Sunday (February 15th), over 40 people attended All Saints, Mountfield, for the Laying Up of the Mountfield Standard of the British Legion following the passing of Fred Stace, the last survivor of the Mountfield branch. The Standard was honoured by three standard bearers from local British Legion branches and layed up to the strains of the Last Post.

BROADBAND: It was very nice to hear from Our Science Correspondent, Robin Harris, this week: “A couple of weeks ago we had BT Infinity installed. We’d come to the end of a deal with BT and, during the course of ‘re-negotiation’, Di learned that we could have Infinity, together with the other stuff we’d been having, for a bit less than the deal which was coming to an end. A few minutes ago I checked our Broadband speed, with the following results: Which website gave a download speed of 16.86 Mbps; I couldn’t see that they provided an upload speed. The BT website gave a download speed of 16.7 Mbps and an upload speed of 4.47 Mbps. Interesting?”

It certainly is interesting. I don’t know what Robin and Di were getting previously but their current speeds are significantly better than the 1.6 – 2.2 Mbps that Sarah MacDonald just down the road at The Pottery reported before Christmas. It’s a useful indication of what you might expect around Hoath Hill if you upgrade though the speed is going to degrade with every extra yard of copper wire between you and the cabinet up by Johns Cross Pub. It also has to be said that 16 Mbps might be Infinity (rumoured to be named after the date of 100% roll-out) but SuperFast Broadband, with speeds near to 80 Mbps, it ain’t. Never mind, we’ve some residents getting 0.4 Mbps. That’s called email.

TELEVISION RECEPTION: Still with Our Science Correspondent, Robin also writes: “On a different tack, since a gale at the end of January, our TV has resumed pixilating, something it had not done for months. A call to John Ireland revealed that he’s got the same problem. John believes some damage (to trees/mast?) at the compound next to his house caused by the gale is responsible. We are in an as-yet-fruitless exchange with the BBC!” Has anyone else got a similar problem? It shouldn’t be happening with any satellite/dish connection, just with an aerial connection. If you’ve any similar problems, either contact your Village Voices or Robin direct.

MOUNTFIELD CLUB: Yesterday evening (Thursday, February 19th), the Club hosted a charity quiz night for St Micheal’s Hospice. We will have a full report next week.

The Club’s snooker team are still top of Division 3, with a game in hand. Last week, the team took a break from league action and lost 3–1 to Battle B in a cup quarter final match with Andy Saunders winning Mountfield’s frame. Let’s hope the team can match the achievement of Mountfield Football Club who now lead Division 1 of the East Sussex League by seven points, although the second and third placed teams both have games in hand. (It would be so good to have even the most rudimentary tidings of the football team first hand… Anyone?)

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Peter and Valerie Miles