VILLAGE HALL: Chris Holden writes: About a dozen people turned out in the rain on Sunday 31st May to support the Village Hall Committee in planting up some tubs to brighten up the outside of the hall for summer. Thank you to everyone who contributed and especially to British Gypsum for the gorgeous hanging baskets that arrived full of flowers and ready to hang. Also a big thank you to Mountfield Cricket Club and Mountfield Horticultural Society who each supplied a magnificent planter, we hope we’ve done them proud with some patio roses that were donated. We were able to get beautiful begonias, fuchsias and dahlias from The Walled Garden the day before at their open day, so along with home raised sunflowers, asters, marigolds and others all our plants were locally sourced. We hope that you will enjoy them as they grow and bloom. They certainly had a good start with lots of soft rain and home made compost.

We will also be letting the wild flowers grow on the grass bank beside the private road. The opposite bank which belongs to BG is already left un-mowed until August each year and there is a wonderful show of flowering plants there at present. We hope that from next year our bank will be equally pretty, many thanks to John from Rose Cottage for the idea.

If you have any ideas to put to the Village Hall Committee we would love to hear from you at our annual open meeting to be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 16th June in the hall. We are also looking for someone to join our team. You just need to have a desire to get involved and a bit of time now and then to help run a fundraising event. It’s very informal and a good way to get to know more people in the village. Visit our website at to find out more.

WALLED GARDEN: Chris mentions above the plants that she bought at the open morning for the walled garden. This had much kinder weather and there was a good turnout and we kept bumping into people we’d not seen for a while. The walled garden was something of a revelation. It’s nice to see some of the glasshouses being used and the wonderful melon beds being used to grow things, albeit not melons. Everyone left with a few plants or a bunch of freshly cut asparagus. There was so much nattering going on that we missed the official closing time for coffee up at the Court but the management kindly continued to serve. This all took place in the newly converted stables which have been turned into a great entertaining space which will be used for wine tastings. Tea and cakes were served by a Lucinda, Barbara, Mary and Jackie. What a pleasant way to spend a morning. We’ll let you know next week what was raised for the Church.

MOUNTFIELD CLUB: Congratulations to Luke Hardy who has become the Fred Stace Darts Champion of 2015 beating Ian Hardy in the final. The beaten semi-finalists were Pat Sargent and three times champion Alex Gray. The winners of the darts pairs were Luke Hardy and Jack Warren who just beat Steve Smith and Jack Wait in the final. The 2015 shove tournament was won by Mark Hardy beating Jack Wait 2-1 in the final. The Club would like to thank Steve Smith for organising the tournaments and for everyone who supported them.

AND FINALLY: We should just comment on something from Chris’s report above. She mentions the bank that runs along the side of the old saw yard. This time last year, that bank was a mass of Common spotted orchids, particularly under the Photonic sign, but this year there isn’t a single one or even any leaves. Strange. Anyone got any ideas? As ever, if you have anything for the Village Voice, we can be contacted on 880614 or via