BURN UP SUNDAY: Having survived, Jackie writes: 'Well, Bishop Richard and one other hardy soul made it on two wheels to what we had hoped would be a Bikers' Service, but the remainder of congregation, being softies, rolled up in cars and umbrella'd on account of the very inclement weather for bikers.

Friday, 13th April 2018, 7:00 am

Bishop Richard told of his atheist upbringing and how he was a real bespotted foulmouthed tearaway obsessed with motorbikes. But after having been persuaded by his sister to go to church with her, he realised after a while that he had become a Christian when he was washing his grandmother’s car, recalling the exact time to the second. After his ordination his parents decided that they were agnostics rather than atheists!

The service next week will be at Mountfield at 10.00am, and will be conducted by Rev’d Brian Llewellyn.

MOUNTFIELD CLUB: A reminder that the Club will be hosting a Family Quiz Night tomorrow (Saturday 14th) starting at about 8.00 pm. Everyone welcome. If you haven’t done so, call Steve Smith (07720 298971) for more information or to book a place. And a final reminder that the Club has its will be holding its AGM on Monday 16th April from 8.00 pm with all paid up members welcome.

THROUGH TREES & TIME: Peter writes: These walks are filling up nicely again. One curiosity is that I have no fewer that ten repeat bookers, so far, this year — indeed it will be the third time for two of them. I must be doing something right. So if you are curious to know why our local landscape is one of the most important landscapes in Europe, book yourself on one of the walks while there is time. For details either go to or contact me (details below). Dates are April 22nd, 27th and 29th and May 6th.

PARISH ASSEMBLY: We will have a report on this week’s Parish Assembly in next week’s Village Voice. The text of Peter’s resignation from the Parish Council is now on

FINALLY: Very nice to see some smoke coming from Colin’s chimney. It hasn’t looked right the last few weeks as we’ve driven past. Also good to see signs of activity in some of the local badgers setts after a couple of years with none of the usual signs of spring cleaning and muddy paw prints.

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