Mountfield village voice

Sue Kennedy, Secretary of Mountfield Horticultural Society has sent some more details about from the show held on 28th July -

The Mountfield Horticultural Society is very proud of the junior entries in our Show and feels we should highlight them.

Children’s Classes:

Decorated Biscuit or Bun, 1st Oona Lawrence (age 3)

Gigerbread Person, 1st Timothy Mulligan (age 11)

Collage “Olympics”, 1st Matha Hollamby(age 8), 2nd Timothy Mulligan(age 11)

Cake of Own Choice, 1st Oliver Gibbons(age 12), 2nd Patrick Mulligan(age 15), 3rd Amy Mulligan(age 14)

Adult Classes:

Lettuce 2xCos, 3rd Oliver Gibbons (age 12)

Sweet Biscuitsx5, Katie Garland(age 15)

Plain Victoria Sandwich Male entries only, 3rd Oliver Gibbons (age 12)

Watercolour Painting, 2nd Martha Hollamby (age 8)

Toy any craft, 2nd Patrick Mulligan (age 15), 3rd Amy Mulligan (age 14)

Greetings Card, 3rd Grace Hollamby (age 12)

Photograph “Woodland”, H.C. Benedict Hollamby (age 14)

Photograph “In the Sky”, 3rd Benedict Hollamby (age 14)

Congratulations to you all and we hope to see you again next year.

Lots of people paid a visit to the village hall on 11th August and enjoyed viewing the displays and artefacts alongwith meeting author Trevor Sully who was launching his book ‘Silas and the Mountfield Treasure’ there. it was interesting to look at lots of photographs and read information about different aspects of Mountfield over the years. There was plenty to look at on the display boards about Mountfield Court, farming, the village hall, Mountfield and Whatlington School, the old Methodist Chapel, Mountfield Halt, the gypsum mines and Mountfield Church. Items found buried in land around the village were also displayed including bottles, clay pipes, peices of china and tools. Trish Jones was present with copies of the two volumes of ‘Mountfield Meanderings’ which she wrote. It was nice to meet Trevor and have a chat about his book. I have bought a copy and am looking forward to reading it just like a lot of others are I am sure!

Heather Mulligan, 15 Eatenden Lane