MP calls for end to sewage hell

Rye MP Amber Rudd met with Winchelsea Beach residents who have suffered raw sewage flooding into their gardens.

Amber hosted a packed meeting of residents along with parish councillors and representatives from Southern Water and the Environment Agency last Saturday.

Amber said: “I was delighted to meet around 80 residents to discuss the very serious issue of intermittent flooding, resulting in raw sewage sometimes contaminating some people’s gardens.”

“Such an unacceptable situation has arisen in part because to date, no single agency has taken ownership of the problem, and in part because of increased rainfall, damaged pipes, infiltration of groundwater, lack of maintenance to and loss of key dikes, excessive surface water run-off arising from the widespread use of tarmac especially in the Winchelsea Beach caravan site, and inadequate capacity in pumping stations.

“In my view, it is clear the Environment Agency should take the lead and assume responsibility for resolving such an unsatisfactory situation which is blighting the quality of life in this otherwise beautiful location. I will write to each of the agencies concerned, but particularly to the Environment Agency, to demand a deadline by which remedial works will achieve a solution.”

“The current practice of relying on tankers to remove excess volume to Rye Harbour is expensive, their constant noise is keeping residents awake at night, but it is not tackling the problem at source, so urgent improvements are required.

“I will not rest until we have a permanent solution.”