MP calls for extra train carriges on Rye line over Easter

RYE MP Amber Rudd has called on Southern Railway to provide additional carriages for the Rye line on Easter Sunday.

On Easter Sunday this year, passengers from Hastings, St Leonards and Rye may only be able to use the Ashford to Eastbourne Marshlink service due to engineering works taking place on the Brighton Main Line.

This could mean that the only access by train to Hastings, Bexhill and Eastbourne would be using the Marshlink line which currently only runs two carriages for its services.

Amber has asked Southern Railway to increase the number of carriages from two to four for all Marshlink services running on Easter Sunday.

She has suggested that Southern borrow some of the extra Diesel powered carriages which are currently used for the Uckfield to London route during peak hours between Mondays and Fridays. Some of these extra carriages on the Uckfield route are currently not used on the weekends.

Amber said: “Given that Hastings and Rye commuters may be facing overcrowded trains and slow services on the Easter weekend, I have put pressure on Southern Railway to prioritise additional carriages for the Marshlink services during this busy time.

“Travellers deserve to arrive at their destinations feeling refreshed and relaxed during the holiday period. There are a large number of engineering works planned over Easter and the number of carriages on the trains at present will not match up with the demand. If we can secure the longer trains and improved infrastructure, this will also go some way to increasing tourism and the economy of Hastings over such a busy period.”

Ray Chapman, from Hastings rail action group SHRIMP, said: “Extra capacity on the Marshlink line, is fundamental to attracting viistors to the area over Easter.”