Mum’s fear over dangerous road

A mum says she is being forced to put her children’s lives at risk because she is unable to get school transport.

Charlene Carpenter lives on the busy Camber Road at East Guldeford, just east of Rye.

She said: “This is a national speed limit road with busy traffic.

“I have tried to get my daughter school transport because I really don’t like walking on this road with my 10 year old and my one year old in a push chair.

“There are also lots of bramble bushes all over grown and are never cut so we have to walk in the middle of the road. Cars come past at 60mph. I just can’t believe they say it is a safe road.”

There have been a number of serious accidents and fatalities on that road in the past.

Ian Crudge, from East Sussex County Council, said: “When a child lives within the statutory walking distance from their nearest school, responsibility for getting the child to school lies with the parent. Where there is clear evidence that the walking route to school is unsafe, the local authority will provide free transport.

“Following concerns raised, we carried out a detailed assessment of the route she and her children take to school in May.

This assessment found the route was safe when measured against national guidelines which look at issues including traffic levels, availability of crossing points, visibility and road width. We have passed the concerns about overgrown vegetation on a small section of the route to the Highways Agency and our own Highways team who are working together.”