Muriel on song after 60 years as a choir girl

Muriel 2
Muriel 2

MURIEL Turner celebrated 60 years of singing in the choir at St. Mary and St. Peter church in Pett on Sunday.

A special Songs of Praise service was to mark the occasion and congratulate Muriel on her dedication and long service to the church.

All the hymns were chosen by Muriel and in his address the Rev. Richard Barron said how much her part in the choir had helped draw people into the church services.

Muriel came to Pett in 1948 and joined the choir at the instigation of Mrs Edna Banger, who later became the choir mistress.

Muriel loves singing and the choir gave her the opportunity to use this talent in her worship.

During her long period in the choir at Pett Muriel has seen many changes, not least being the fact that there has been eight Rectors in that time.

After the service the congregation moved to the Methodist Chapel Hall for a celebration lunch. About 40 people sat down to a buffet meal culminating with a superb celebration cake made by Jocelyn Coby.