Museum celebrates Ryesingers with display

RYE Castle Museum has been helping Ryesingers commemorate their 40th anniversary.

Ryesingers held their inaugural meeting in 1971 with eight ladies voices.

The membership now totals about forty and includes men.

They have taken part in competitions all over the British Isles and their travels have included Germany, France and Belgium.

Their repertoire is wide-ranging – from folk songs, oratorios, Gilbert and Sullivan Operas, Church Services, and many large Classical works. They have appeared several times on television and performed on radio.

Conductor Lesley Brownbill, fires the members with her own enthusiasm, choosing an imaginative selection of music for them.

To commemorate the anniversary, Rye Castle Museum has mounted a special display at the Ypres Tower of posters and other memorabilia of Ryesingers’ concerts from the past 40 years.

Their next concert, in aid of the Friends of St Mary’s, is “Come to the Fair” and will be held at St Mary’s Church, Rye on Saturday October 29 at 7.30pm.

Pictured here, in the Ypres Tower, are founder members, Lesley Brownbill, Jo Kirkham, Susan Manktelow, and Carole Osborne.