Neglected horses seek new homes

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HECTOR, Brian and Honey are just a few of the most recent rescues at Brownbread Horse Rescue, Ashburnham.

The horses were picked up just hours from death and they owe their lives to one of Brownbread’s dedicated Field Officers who, together with the vet and RSPCA, helped save them.

Hector was suffering from severe diarrhoea, Brian, severely emaciated, was literally scooped off the ground while Honey, also severely emaciated, was heavily in foal.

All three are making good progress but sadly Jacob, who was rescued from appalling conditions back in December last year, died.

Dinty Steains, head of welfare at Brownbread Horse Rescue, said: “We are devastated at his loss after all the time and effort spent rescuing him but we have to carry on.

“The rescue work is never ending, exhausting and stressful.”

Anyone who may be able to offer a home to any of these ponies is asked to contact 01424 892381.