Maria Standen

Swallow Farm

Appeal for help: I am writing as treasurer of the PCC of Netherfield Church to ask if any local people would consider making a small regular contribution towards the cost of keeping our Church open? You may not be aware that the running costs of the Church are not paid by “The Church of England” or Church House over in Brighton but by the fund raising events, collections and donations that we receive. The PCC, whose number are dwindling, try to raise these funds via events such as quizzes, Church fairs, coffee mornings etc but we are sadly finding it more and more difficult to raise enough on a monthly basis and need help, inspiration and ideas.

Could you consider making a small regular contribution e.g. £5 per month? Think of new ideas for fundraising that involve the whole community? Inspire the PCC and let us know if there are events that you would like to attend at Church that we could maybe arrange?

We would love to have some new faces and fresh ideas on our PCC to help us make the most of our Church. We have a beautiful, historical, place of worship in our village and we need to look after it and cherish it.

I am not asking everyone in the village to start attending Church on a regular basis and in this day and age we know that Sunday mornings are often filled with football/rugby training etc and family life is very busy, but we don’t want to lose our Church from the village landscape. We want to ensure that we can have our Christmas Eve Crib Service, School Harvest Festival, School Carol Service and the many other services that take place. We want to be able to Christen our children and see them marry at our local Church and when our time is up, know that our Church is there for our funeral service.

If you feel you can help in any way, shape or form, no matter how small or large, please contact me via my email : . Thank you, Emma Kersey.

Brightling Stoolball Club: Practice sessions will be held on Sunday afternoons, April 12, 19 and 26 at 2.30pm weather permitting at Netherfield Rec. New players over 12 years old are very welcome. Further info please call Janet on 01424 838401.

Netherfield Church: Services for April are different to the usual schedule because of Easter. This is the full month’s services. There is a Good Friday service today Frioday April 3 at 11 am at Mountfield, Easter Sunday, April 5 is at 10 am in Brightling. April 12 is a Holy Communion at Brightling at 10 am, April 19 a Holy Communion at Mountfield at 10 am and April 26 is a Holy Communion at Netherfield but starting at 11 am to accommodate a Diamond Wedding thanksgiving. Everyone is welcome to attend our services.

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting was held last week in the church. Other than the PCC members, only four other members of the community attended to observe. The necessary reports for the past year were presented and agreed by the meeting. There were four resignations from the PCC and a change in posts of treasurer and secretary. Emma Kersey is the new treasurer and Gillian Slack secretary. There were no nominations for churchwarden so the position is now vacant as I have stood down after seven years.

I am sorry to say that this will be my last entry for the Village Voice as I will no longer be in a position to report or comment on church activities. I am hopeful someone will take over this spot as it is a good communication tool for our church. Paul Smith, Churchwarden.

AGE UK Easter Raffle: Tickets available in the shop, £1 per strip. Thank you in advance for supporting this important cause.

Shoe Bin: This is located outside the shop, please recycle all your unwanted shoes, boots and wellies.

Netherfield Post Office: we hold Euros in stock, all other currencies can be order for the next day. Health Lottery tickets also available 50p per ticket win up to £25000, £1 per ticket win up to £100000.

The Mobile Library: will be outside the shop from 12.45 to 13.05 on Tuesday April 14.

Get in touch: I’d love to hear from any local groups, clubs or individuals with any news on upcoming events or reports on past events they would like included in this column, Email: