Battle in Bloom : For all those gardeners in Netherfield who would like to get involved in a garden competition, now is the time. Battle in Bloom is open to all so get your entry in. The categories are as follows: Wildlife Garden, Front Garden, Back Garden, Patio Garden/Container Garden, Small Vegetable Plot and finally New Entrant. From the variety there is bound to be one which will match your particular circumstances.

Tuesday, 26th June 2018, 7:36 am
Updated Tuesday, 26th June 2018, 7:39 am

Pick up an entry form from the Town Council offices at the Almonry, Battle or download a form from the Battle Town Council website. Failing those two methods you can simply telephone Jane on (01424) 772210 or Marilyn on 775599 by 25 June 2018. Keep gardening!

The Service at The Polish War Memorial, Netherfield: An excellent turnout of nearly 60 supporters attended the 77th Anniversary service at the Polish War Memorial, Darwell Hill, Netherfield on Sunday 27 May 2018 in memory in the Polish airmen who died at the site when their Wellington bomber crashed into a large tree next to Doctors Cottage and a monument had been erected by Sdrn Leader Stanislaw Jozefiak, a survivor of the crash, having located the site some 60 years later. Conducted as always by Father Wilson from Battle, who has mastered his introduction in Polish, we were blessed with perfect weather for this event which boasted a marvellous turnout of Dignitaries, Battle Town Councillors, British Legion Standard Bearers (including the newest recruit - Richard from Fairlight, on his first official occasion), veterans and County Marshall Debbie Lofts. It was encouraging to see some new faces and good to see Polish friends again. Cornet player Ken Ray played superbly, adding just the right ‘tone’ to the proceedings. John Hayward delivered the Exhortation and Kohima Epitaph and many wreaths were laid including one by a young lad who wore many medals and badges and a black beret. Richard Wells and Richard Whittle who built the Polish Memorial at Plumpton Green, Chailey and organise the annual memorial service there, also came to give their support. The second monument in memory of ‘Stan’ had been built by Marek Wierzbicki, Chair of the Polish Club of History Enthusiasts - ‘White Eagle’ who had worked extremely hard at the site to improve the seating and standing area and added emblems into the paving. The whole setting looked very impressive with the backdrop of Standard Bearers arranged on the slope behind the 10’ monument, surmounted by the Polish Eagle.A flypast by a Cessna 150 from Headcorn airport piloted by Mrs Diana Patton (aged 85!) accompanied by her son Jamie made the afternoon even more memorable. The second part of the service was held in Netherfield Church when the Polish Consul arrived to join the proceedings, having travelled from London to award four commemorative Pro Patria medals to Beata Sobota, Janina Jusko, Juliette Vane and Alan Marchant, to thank them for their work with the Polish South Coast Charity Trust and promoting good relations with the Polish people, and a Certificate and badges were presented to Father Wilson in recognition of conducting the service since the monument had been built by the late Stanislaw Jozefiak. It was a great surprise, honour and privilege to be awarded these medals. Refreshments were served, including delicious Polish cakes and savouries, and the Consul enjoyed meeting all the supporters and a very pleasant social time was had. Marek and Beata had put on a very interesting display of 304 Polish Bomber Squadron ‘Land of Silesia’ memorabilia. Many thanks to all who supported this very important annual event, members of the Royal British Legion, Frank Copper the official photographer, and all those who work hard behind the scenes to enable it to take place.

Netherfield Breakaway Club: Members, family and friends went on the annual outing in May to lovely Scotney Castle where much restoration has taken place with the house and castle now open to visitors, a tearoom and shop, plant sales as well as the beautiful grounds to explore. Scotney has been the home of the Hussey family for three generations - not one but two houses. At the top of the hill is the new house, designed by Anthony Salvin in Elizabethan style and built in 1837 for Edward Hussey III, who took the ‘picturesque’ style as his inspiration. At the bottom of the valley are the romantic ruins of a medieval castle and moat. This is the focal point of the celebrated gardens, featuring spectacular displays of rhododendrons, azaleas and kalmia in May/June with trees and shrubs providing autumnal colour. The estate is open all year, offering a variety of walks through beautiful parkland, woodland and farmland. The house is fascinating with a wonderful staircase, wood panelling, huge

fireplaces with large ‘firedogs’, an amazing collection of paintings of many of the Husseys, well proportioned and comfortable rooms, lots of very interesting artefacts and some beautiful antique furniture. The castle has a very interesting history with a priest’s hole and set in tranquil grounds surrounded by a moat. There is an Ice House to see and an old once working Mill in need of restoration. The quarry produced the stone for the new house and is now a feature with many trees and shrubs filling the void. The walled garden is large and peaceful and produces a variety of vegetables, much of which is for purchase. A well stocked shop and plant section make browsing a delight and we

were fortunate to have chosen one of the best days in May. Everyone agreed it had been one of the best outings of the Club and many of us will be making a return visit. Many thanks to our Chair Marion Williams for organising this.

Juliette Vane.

Netherfield Village Hall Bingo Night: The next Monday session of this popular pastime is on Monday 25 June 2018 beginning at 7.00 pm. Doors open at 6.30pm and the children are welcome. The Jackpot has reached a staggering Insert Formula 15 pounds, it was so enormous I had to write it. See you there clickety click

Reflections on a garden: We have the remains of a leylandii, namely a trunk, which stands about 10ft tall. In new money that is probably just over 3 metres. It was a job that I needed to finish (its felling) when I removed its branches some months ago after we had planted a series of laurels to replace these disease ridden trees. The top had begun to rot and the bark was beginning to shrink and dtraw away from the wooden tower beneath. This slow deterioration created space for a whole colony of insect life to take up residence. It provided protection and a place to populate, ad infinitum.

However, this in itself then creates a larder in the food chain and over the weekend we watched fascinated, as a pair of Dendrocopos Major, or Great Spotted Woodpeckers to you and I, arrived for dinner, at what I believe would be classed as one of the best woodpecker restaurants in Netherfield. They are sometimes known as the pied woodpecker which is, I guess, a general description of their plumage.

When you look at the spear-like quality of their beak and the force and rapidity of the ‘drum’ action they use to seek their food and dig holes in the wood, you realise how lucky we are to be outside their needs and wants, as far as food is concerned. It wouldn’t half give you a headache if they saw you as breakfast.

More next week........

Claverham Monday Badminton Club: It clashed with England versus Tunisia on the box this Monday just past, so the attendance was a little thin. Roy and I arrived early, as is our want, and we warmed up for 15 minutes in the hall, seeing who could hit the shuttle the highest over the net. At the end of that session we both need a bed and oxygen. We were saved from further punishment by our tallest member, John “Hightower’s” arrival, who seems to stand about ten feet twelve in his stocking feet. When he is at the net with a racket, that appears to be as big as he is, it is difficult to pass him by with anything that is flighty. With his arms outstretched he covers both sides of the court and he is quick. In fact I am thinking of telling him to find another sport to play. I jest of course.

We eventually ended with five guys named Moe. Sorry, it was an old Louis Jordan hit that sprang to mind as I was sitting at my desk writing this descriptive analysis of our convivial ministrations performed within the hallowed confines of this, our Netherfield Flavian Amphitheatre, as we chased, not chariots, but shuttlecocks. All I can say is that the games were just as exciting, not only as the ones that Ben Hur performed in, but in every other match that involves gladiators such as ourselves. Triumphus!

More next week.

Netherfield Radio: Part of the way to help keep cohesion within a community is to communicate. This can be undertaken in a variety of ways such as speaking to your neighbours; joining local groups dealing with things that interest you; reading local publications and noticeboards and generally listening to what is happening in your area. Another way is by the medium of local radio. Generally, these broadcast for a limited time but are full of chat, occasionally music but are there to inform the residents of what is happening in their area. Given the proximity of Netherfield - it sits on top of a hill - the coverage could be pretty good. It would give the organisers of events a platform from which to promote and advertise. Interviews and items of special interest could be a mainstay. Tell me what you think by contacting me at [email protected]

Netherfield Library: The Village Hall has begun to build a substantial library of books and it seems like a fantastic opportunity to utilise that resource in a replacement for the Mobile Library Service which closed its operation in May. It would allow those people that wished to borrow a book, to be able to browse, select and borrow, all for free. It may even be possible to extend the times when it is open for business to match the times that people want to visit. Please4 let us know your thoughts at [email protected] and we will see what can be made to happen.

Contact: If you have any stories or articles of interest that will give our readership a reason to buy the paper please contact me on email at [email protected] Or text 07957588172