East Sussex Mobile Library: East Sussex County Council is currently consulting on its draft Strategy East Sussex Libraries '“ The Way Forward. The draft Strategy sets out a proposal to withdraw the Mobile Library Service as part of wider proposals to provide a modern, sustainable library service for the future. Following the current public consultation, the County Council's Cabinet is expected to consider an amended Strategy in March 2018. If any revisions to the Mobile Library schedule are necessary following this, we will issue an amended schedule.

Friday, 23rd March 2018, 6:00 am

Claverham Monday Badminton Club: Traveling to the Claverham venue for this weekly local badminton Olympics on Monday felt the same as trekking across the Arctic on a sledge pulled by four huskies. The wind was howling through my trossachs and ice was clinging to the ground. The way I was wrapped up I looked like Scott on his first trip to the Antarctic. You can judge by this that I felt it was very cold. Mind you, eleven other intrepid souls braved this unusual English spring, to bring their rackets and their enthusiasm to the centre, clear in their minds that they were on a winning roll.

The time was 7.50 pm and on entering the Hall of Valhalla I looked around for Odin. See, this is more than a local blog, this is also a way to improve your mind and learn about Norse gods and Asgard, the location of the original hall. Who cares I hear you chorus. Perhaps you are right. I will return to my story.

As I entered the hall it was packed. Every court was full of players trying to defeat their intrepid opponents. Badminton and the tennis game that is played over half a net height were in full flight on every court. Well not exactly together. Separately. If you can write better rubbish than this then be my guest. As I was saying, it was busy. That gives some indication how popular Monday nights are with people who want to keep fit.

As the clock struck eight, our turn had arrived. Four of us took up our positions on the court for the warm-up session. This is where we try to iron out the stiffness brought on by the previous week’s exertions. It is also the time when you hope mishits, bad returns and lack of competition are taken from your game before you start the impossible task of beating your opponents. It never works but they say perseverance is the key.

At least it warms you up prior to beginning the task of stopping yourself look foolish in front of your compatriots. Chris, known as Chiffer (I think that is how you spell it) was an early starter like me this week and he too wanted to look like he knew what he was doing. He doesn’t of course but we humour him anyway. Just a joke mate. I don’t know how he came to get a name like Chiffer. It isn’t in the dictionary and is not a term that I know of that signifies some special aptitude he has. Can anyone help?

But back to the match report. With twelve on the go three courts were in use. Unfortunately, one of our number had a call which meant they had to excuse themselves from the proceedings. We hope their problem was not too serious and that the outcome was positive.

More next week...

Netherfield Village Hall Jumble Sale: Jumble, jumble, let’s have jumble. The time is counting down for the next Jumble Sale 7 April at 10.00 am.

Battle Neighbourhood Plan: There is a new call for sites being prepared for people who may have a site that they are thinking of including in the development options for the Parish This has a proposed closure date of 7 April 2018. Details will be available on the website.

Reflections on a garden: With more snow again this past week, it is still difficult to get out into the fresh air to start the work of restoring the garden to its former glory. Grass, borders, plots are all awaiting that touch of magic that transforms them into a smart looking part of our heaven. You may laugh dear reader, but that is what we believe our garden provides us with. Sounds profound but warmth and comfort is what we need now to bring on the sparkle and colour, the structure and the fruit.

More next week...

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