Pass & Move Under 13s Next Match: For all you football supporters of the young stars of the future, the next match to be played at the Netherfield Village Hall Playing Field is on Sunday 2nd December against a team called Galaxy FC. I believe they are out of this world, The KO will be 10.00 and as usual there will be food available to munch as the crunch of the tackles adds to the excitement that these games inspire. See you there..

Friday, 30th November 2018, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 10:02 pm

Netherfield Village Hall Christmas Party: Only two Saturdays to go. Yes, just two, until the Christmas Party begins att Netherfield Village Hall.. There will be some of the latest sounds, Northern Soul, 80s and 90s Pop, Christmas songs and anything else that can move around the proverbial turntable. What do you mean that isn’t late? Food, drink, games, dancing and fun are all on the cards too. I am sure the Cha-Cha Slide will feature in there somehow. The party is on 8th December from 7.30 till 11.30. Tickets are only £3.00 per person. However, family tickets are just £10.00. For large families that is a big saving. Tickets available at the Netherfield Village Shop or from Marrissa, Sam or Jo. See you there.

Netherfield Village Hall: I can’t believe that our community are short on suggestions of what could take place at the Village Hall. Anything that has the potential to engage the residents will be evaluated I promise, no matter how far off the wall. This will include any pastime that you think would bring people in to become involved. Help is available to get things off the ground and volunteers are welcome if you have some spare time to give. So come on, let us know what is on your mind. Details on how to do that are at the end of this column.

Netherfield Village Hall Library Service: By the time you read this we will have had our visitation from East Sussex Library Service and hopefully that will begin the process of making us into a more recognisable library. Our only aim has been to make it the best experience we can for our patrons as they browse and select the book of their choice, or pick a CD to listen to or DVD to watch. At the same time they can stop for a chat, have a cup of tea or coffee and generally pass the time of day with people who have similar outlook on life. We appreciate we haven’t got it completely right at the moment, but, we want to change it to a place that allows a small relaxing interlude to invade your busy lschedule. So come along and join us. As usual we are open 2-4 pm on Wednesday each week.

Claverham Monday Badminton Club: I mention Ben early this week, not because he has done something dramatic, but he gets withdrawal symptoms if I don’t big him up every now and again in the pages of this paper.

We do seem to be getting a larger number of regulars visiting us, than we used to. That is a good thing I might add, but organising them so they achieve the maximum variety in playing partners is a bit of a logistical nightmare, especially when the games being played do not finish at the same time. When the matches have been played at a frenetic level even a couple of minutes of inactivity cause the body to cool down quite dramatically. That then makes it challenging to bring yourself back to the same level of competitiveness as, whatever way you look at it, whilst we want to play the game we also want to win . We do our best though, whatever the problems. Why not come along and join us

More next week........

Reflections on a garden: Bottles are washed in Milton, no, not Milton Keynes, but in that liquid that protects babies from infection when they go onto bottle-feeding. Now you are wondering what on earth he is going on about. Sorry, these are the bottles that take the “must” that has finished blurp-blurping, or as we call it in the trade, fermenting. Yes, this year’s grape harvest has finally come to rest on its route to Chateau Whitehouse, perhaps to rival a Lafitte or a Rothschild. It is no good aiming for a plonk, made by a plonker, if you have it in your mind that a superior claret is what you want. Aim high is my motto, even if what you achieve never gets off the ground.

Washed, drained and readied bottles, sit awaiting, firstly, the vibrant, deep coloured red that has been the most audible in the fermenting process, followed by the less than prolific white from this year’s harvest. Clear and sparkly they maybe at this point in time, but the proof of the pudding, or should that be wine, will be in two to three years time when the tannins have softened and the unseen bits that float around in the must have finally settled at the lowest point in the cycle of productivity.

However, before all of that, the first lot of rubbish is left in the bottom of the fermenting barrel. That arises because it could not be strained in the pressing process and therefore must be disposed of. Sorry about the must pun. This is usually a lumpy, gloopy mess, that, whilst being organic, is not something you want spread across your morning toast. However, it is full of nutrients, alcoholic, organic and not to be wasted. Therefore, my good lady, readying herself for the all-out challenge of this year’s Best Back Garden in Battle in Bloom has decided to spread a little happiness. Broadcast (a farming term) across the vegetable patch it begins its decomposition journey. The fumes are enough to give one a hangover. Now I think about it, that is probably why we have rockin’ robins, dopey doves and carousing carrots in abundance at this time of year. Well it is better than sunflower seeds.

Whilst we have a number of water butts around the garden, to help spread the load on the water front (Could that be a title for a film? – probably not) at this time of year, with the weather turning to a wetter persuasion, emptying is a regular task. Buckets can be used, but the time involved is quite demanding. Therefore, a hose needs to be added to the tap. Now they always look as though they are meant to comply with a recognised system of hose attachments, so that a quick push onto the protuberance and Bob’s your firkin. Sorry, degenerating into the Sussex vernacular. However, not in this case. The tap’s stem is too small. So the only way to achieve a connection is with some wire, thick wire, set at exactly the right tension. By the time I have achieved a non-leaking harmony between the two ends, I could have emptied it with a bucket.

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