Remembrance Sunday in Netherfield Village: On the 100th anniversary to mark the ending of the First World War, being 11th November 2018, together with honouring the contribution made by all in the Second World War, the village of Netherfield showed its respect in two important ways. At the time of the actual cessation of hostilities in the First World War '“ 11.00 in the morning '“ a wreath was laid in the centre of the village and a short dedication was read to the gathered residents. This was followed at 7.00 o'clock in the evening by a further address to a larger number of residents prior to the lighting of a beacon in the National 'Battle's Over' tribute. From our position on top of the hill a number of other beacons could be seen across the County. For those that were unable to attend I print the words used, prior to the lighting: 'How do we honour and do justice to the fallen? It is now 100 years since the last gun was fired to herald the end of the First World War. To the many families around the globe who still feel the loss, this day is a poignant reminder that a conflict's aftermath, in terms of emotional emptiness, is never truly satisfied or extinguished. The letters, photographs and memories from this period, for a great many the only legacy of their family member's existence, represent a constant reminder that nothing remains the same or is left unscathed. Sacrifices are made which deeply affect subsequent generations and that is why we are here, to acknowledge and cherish all the participant's contributions in this war to end all wars. An estimated nine million soldiers and seven million civilians died in the conflict, many buried unnamed. To forget would cast a shadow on what they gave in the cause of peace. We can only hope that its like will never happen again.' The village of Netherfield as a whole, would like to thank the following people for their contribution to these proceedings: Mark Strange for our fantastic beacon, which he also lit on the night; Tim and She Moon for the

Friday, 16th November 2018, 6:00 am

St, John the Baptist Church: Last Sunday the Church also joined in the Armistice Day Remembrance Services. It was taken as usual by the Reverend Brian Llewellyn. The church had been made to look extra special for this important anniversary by Maureen-Matthew-Smith, with her clever arrangements of poppies. A group of visitors joined us from Newport IOW. They had fond memories of their time in Netherfield, many years ago. Altogether, a sad and happy time with Reverend Llewellyn’s words still lingering in our ears; “what happens to the poppies now?” - Gillian Slack

Netherfield Village Hall Christmas Party: I am sure everyone in the village and beyond is ready for a pre-Christmas get-together to start the festive season off with a party. Food, drink, games, dancing and fun are all on the cards and the “sounds” are provide by Musical Mo and His Disco. A newcomer to the scene, but, for those who were there, the MC at this year’s Halloween bash where the Cha-Cha Slide was the hit of the night. The party is on 8th December from 7.30 till 11.30. Tickets are only £3.00 per person. However, family tickets are just £10.00. For large families that is a big saving. Tickets available at the Netherfield Village Shop or from Marrissa, Sam or Jo. See you there.

Netherfield Village Hall Report: For those that have noticed a change at the Village Hall in recent months it is time to reveal that the new committee, who have been in place for just over a year, have been hard at work painting and refurbishing. Years of neglect have had to be reversed to bring the standards into the 21st Century both from a visual point of view and an operational one. However, it all takes time and money. The financial side of things can only be improved if the Hall is presentable and makes people want to hire the hall for their functions. The library and Bingo have proved hits and there has been a marked increase in the number of people who wish hire for a particular function. What we would like to do is to say thank you to everyone who has supported us and to indicate that the changes, with your help, will keep happening.

Netherfield Village Hall Library Service: As usual we are open 2-4 pm on Wednesday each week.

Claverham Monday Badminton Club: It soon comes around, that moment of greatness, that time in the calendar when the shorts are donned, the socks and trainers are pulled onto the feet of destiny and the walk to stardom is made across the tarmacadamed field of battle, finally entering through the portals of hope. Shakespeare, eat your heart out.

In other words, it’s badminton time again. Lyn and Sandra arrived full of confidence, expectation and a killer’s instinct to crush the opposition, to grind them into the dust, to entertain the masses. Well, at least play a game or two. Nine men, all straight and true, also joined these battling Boudicca’s. Instead of a trusty sword against the Romans its a carbon racket against the opposite sex. What it does allow, to bring this diatribe back to reality, is a great game of mixed doubles, which is what took place. I like mixed doubles as it promotes finesse as a norm rather than the smash, smash, smash approach of the men’s game.

More next week........

Reflections on a garden: With the leaves finally fallen from the ash the tree is left naked and forlorn. It is now time to pollard and bring it down to more manageable levels. My good lady says this is a job for experts and not an ancient fantacist. I can’t think of anyone in the village who would fit that description, certainly none of my mates. I do know that there are a lot of branches to be culled, which will increase our stockpile of kindling, as green ash is a perfectly acceptable fuel for a wood-burner.

The rain has done wonders for the pond. It has brought the level of the water up to a normal pitch. That means that the fish can now stop rising to the surface with one fin pointing to their mouth and the other around their neck, gasping for breath. Mind you, I would not have thought there was much oxygen in the water in normal circumstances. Anyway, they seemed to have stopped that practice for the time being.

Piling the leaves into builder’s bags, whilst enjoyable, given the amount we produce each year, means that spare bags are quickly filled. Trying to press them down to make extra room doesn’t seem to work either. You push in one section and another section rises in concert with the one you are pushing. I think it is a law of physics, otherwise I can’t tell my Good Lady we have trolls and gremlins in the garden.

The birds seem to be having a fulfilling season too. The weather being so mild and my Good Lady making sure breakfast, lunch and dinner is readily available at all times, means we are inundated. Finches, starlings, thrushes, blackbirds and tits can be seen sitting on the pergola reading the leaves, waiting for their food. Squabbling can be an issue at times when they are deciding who has first pick of the delicacies on offer. Seeds of various kinds and plump fat balls tend to excite most, if not all, and the odd crumbfest, specially made in the food processor, goes down well too. Makes me wonder whether I should cover myself in feathers and flutter about outside waiting to be fed.

More next week.......

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