New arrivals creating a buzz at Vinehall

Vinehall School pupils show off their new beehive. SUS-140605-143114001
Vinehall School pupils show off their new beehive. SUS-140605-143114001

VINEHALL welcomed an unusual new family to the school grounds when a beehive arrived, complete with several thousand bees in the swarm.

The initiative came about following discussion by pupils about the plight of British bees and the important role they play in nature.

One pupil presented a compelling case to headmaster Richard Follett, who was soon sold on the idea.

Mr Follett said: “Vinehall has a history of beekeeping in the Pupils’ Garden stretching back perhaps 50 years, but we have not seen an active hive here for some time.

“When the pupils started talking about how concerned they were with the dwindling bee population in this country, it seemed the logical next step to see whether we could help them.

“The pupils have been very excited about the bees’ arrival and there is great enthusiasm for joining the Beekeeping Club. Staff have got onboard too, to such an extent we will need to order more beekeeping suits as there are so many who want to be involved.

“The hive is located well away from the main school activity areas and we have such wonderful grounds with plenty of space for a hive, it was quite easy to find the best spot.

“Obviously we conducted a thorough risk assessment, which even included studying the flight path of the bees coming into and out of the hive, which sees them flying out across the countryside rather than towards the school buildings, so we think we have covered everything possible to give all the pupils the best possible experience.”

Jars of Vinehall honey are expected in delicatessens in the Battle and Robertsbridge area before too long.