New Centre for people of Rye’s Tilling Green

Tilling Green School site ENGSUS00120131217142515
Tilling Green School site ENGSUS00120131217142515

More details have been unveiled for what has been described as a ‘state-of-the-art’ new community centre for Tilling Green.

It will replace the existing community centre which is based in the former Tilling Green School building.

At the end of the day people of Tilling Green will have a stunning new community centre

Amicus Horizon

East Sussex County Council, who own the site, say the current building is too expensive to maintain and is running at a loss.

They have sold the school site to housing group Amicus Horizon, with the caveat that any development must include a new community centre.

Senior Project manager from Amicus Horizon Lisa Shead revealed more details about the new centre when she gave a presentation to Rye Town Council’s public services committee last week.

And she promised that ongoing consultation with the local community is vital to the success of the project.

She said: “We don’t just want to table a fait accompli. There is quite a lot of consultation we want to undertake.”

Outline plans are for a 400 square metre building which will have a large hall, 20 metres of storage, a 40 metre exhibition lounge, a dedicated classroom and a flexible meeting room with dividing walls.

There will also be a kitchen and an outside terrace.

Lisa Shead said: “This is very much a framework, the details still have to be negotiated with potential users.”

There is concern from Tilling Green Residents Association over the length of time they will be without a community centre while one building is being demolished and the new one constructed.

Rye Mayor Bernardine Fiddimore said: “There is huge concern about the length of time they may have to be without a community centre.”

Lisa Shead said: “We will work with people to try and minimise disruption.

“At the end of the day the people of Tilling Green will have a stunning state-of-the-art new community centre.”

Amicus are expecting to submit plans for the project in July.