New concerns raised after Winchelsea crash

A CAR smashed through a wall after losing control at Winchelsea’s historic Strand Gate.

The crash caused damage to the wall last week and almost ended up in a garden. The driver escaped serious injury.

The road passes under the stone arch and is a blind corner with cars having to rely on a road-side mirror to see oncoming traffic.

Winchelsea residents have raised concerns for years about the speed of vehicles on Strand Hill and of motorists using the ancient town as a ratrun to cut off a corner of the A259.

Wincheslea ward councillor Richard Commoto said: “A car smashed through the wall at the bottom of the approach to the Strand Gate in Winchelsea.

“Apparently, the car almost went into the garden on the other side.

“This is not the first vehicle to hit the wall, or the Gate, but it is the first to breach the wall.

“We have complained for years about the speed of rat-runners cutting through Winchelsea, particularly as they approach the Strand Gate.

“Cars race for the gate to try to beat traffic coming the other way through the single lane archway.

“Ironically, as I was taking the photograph of the wall, another vehicle cutting through Winchelsea, almost hit a car coming up through the arch.

Winchelsea residents have been proactive in trying to tackle the problem and have taken to the street with traffic calming devices and a speed gun to try and slow down motorists.

The police-backed scheme sees warning letters being sent out to those travelling over the speed limit.

Speeds of up to 60mph have been recorded through the narrow streets of the town.