New launch for Rye Harbour

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RYE’S harbour launch “Rother III” has been put in retirement after 31 years service.

The craft has finally been replaced with a new all purpose vessel.

The three previous vessels were built in Rye but with the demise of ship building in small ports the 39 ft “Rother IV”, designed by Lochins (ex Rye Boat Builders) was constructed in Great Yarmouth by the yacht building firm of “Goodchilds Marine”.

The boat, with a maximum speed of 21 knots and tug pulling capacity of approximately five tons, was delivered to Rye by the harbour master, James Bateman, accompanied by the retired harbour master captain Carl Bagwell with a small crew supplied by the Rye Boat owners association.

The craft is provided with the latest navigational aids and was specifically designed for Pilotage and general harbour duties and patrols.

Equipped with fire fighting and salvage pumps the vessel will be a welcomed addition to safety within the harbour and beyond: “It is a fantastic craft, easy to handle, and will provide support to all harbour users,” said James.