New life-saving defibrillators installed in Winchelsea and icklesham

Peter Turner by the new defibrillator at Winchelsea Beach Community Hall
Peter Turner by the new defibrillator at Winchelsea Beach Community Hall

Vital life-saving equipment has been installed in several parts of Wichelsea and Icklesham.

The defibrillators, used to restart a patient’s heart, are located at Winchelsea Beach Community Hall, the Winchelsea New Hall and the Icklesham Memorial Hall.

No sooner had the defibrillator at Winchelsea Beach been installed it was used successfully to save the life of a visitor at Winchelsea Sands Holiday Park, who had suffered a cardiac arrest.

Following the incident Park Holidays, the owners of Winchelsea Sands Caravan Park, made a donation of £500 towards the purchase of another defibrillator.

Peter Turner, chairman of Icklesham Parish Council, said: “The money spent was well worth it. Not only had a life been saved but the NHS had an easier and less costly task in getter the patient back to health.

“These particular machines require a replacement component after every use. The clerk now holds a stock of these so that the machines can be back ready to use within hours of having been used.

“With cardiac arrest patients you only have a 10-minute window of opportunity to restart the heart, after which the chances of recovery are minimal. Fortunately, Winchelsea Sands Caravan Park has a common boundary with the Community Hall.

“We need to consider providing additional machines in both Winchelsea Beach and Icklesham wards as they are linear villages and 10 minutes is not enough time from some parts of these villages to collect the machine and return to put it to use.

“While the provision in Winchelsea might seem excessive, the machines are on opposite sides of the A259 trunk road and in the summer months you could take most of the 10 minutes trying to cross the road twice.”

Icklesham Parish Council would like to thank Winchelsea Sands Holiday Park for its recent £500 donation.