New measure to improve traffic safety in Rye


A new loading bay in Rye High Street will help prevent delivery vehicles causing a dangerous hazard in Lion Street.

The loading bay is now fully operational, nearly two years after the Town Council set up the Highways Forum with the provision of a loading facility its first key task.

Rye Mayor, Cllr Bernardine Fiddimore, said: “It has taken much longer than we had hoped because of the differing concerns and needs of businesses and residents and we had to reconcile these as far as possible.

“We hope the final result satisfies most of these. It is not a perfect or complete solution, but I think it is a positive way forward and is a real tribute to the tenacity and hard work of Cllr Bantick, the Chair of the Highways Forum.

“I’m sorry that the signage is not that easily understood, but, unfortunately it has to conform to national formats. It’s annoying, but I am trying to explain more clearly to everyone how it all works.

“The loading bay is exclusively for goods vehicles’ use between midnight and 3pm and 11pm and midnight, Monday to Saturday, with a 10 minute time limit, however, between 3pm and 11pm Monday to Saturday and at any time on a Sunday, the bay can be used by any vehicle to load/unload, again with a 10 minute time limit.

“This will help those checking in and out of the George and the White Vine hotels.

“It is a limited wait (10 minutes) bay, not for loading/unloading between 11am and 3pm, intended to enable people to pop to shops, the chemists or cash machines.

“There is no loading/unloading at any time zone from the corner of Lion Street up to the loading bay to prevent any vehicle stopping there, we want an end to vehicles that are turning out of Lion Street being forced up onto the pavement opposite because of vehicles parked on that corner obstructing their turn.

“It’s important for people to remember that ‘goods vehicles’ includes all the myriad delivery and courier services, such as Asda, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, UPS, TNT, Parcelforce, DFL, and so on, and for the bay to work High Street businesses need to inform suppliers it is available and to use it, and for High Street residents (post codes TN31 7JF and 7JN particularly) who are having items delivered to give that information when placing the order.

“Rye Town Council is working hard to find solutions to the problems that have been causing such concerns in the High Street and environs. I feel this provision of a loading bay is a real step forward. However, we need residents and businesses to ‘do their bit’ too - it’s not down to ‘someone else’ to make it work, we all have to take responsibility and keep to the rules.”