New Rye Forum to tackle traffic

ILLEGAL parking emerged as one of the top priorities when the new Rye Highway Forum held its inaugural meeting at Rye Town Hall on Tuesday.

It was attended by representatives from the police, ESCC Highways, Rye Chamber of Commerce, Rye Town Council and County Councillor Keith Glazier.

The Forum is being led by Rye councillor Granville Bantick, who said: “I am concerned that there are significant problems in Rye with traffic, the safety of pedestrians and parking in Rye, particularly the illegal parking of goods vehicles and private cars in the High Street and elsewhere.

“The Forum will examine all matters pertaining to every aspect of traffic management and pedestrian safety, whether it be illegal parking, speed restrictions, broken pavements and gullies and even the replacement of cobbles.

“It was very evident that illegal parking was the top priority. David Nixon on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce strongly suggested that the police should be more involved with the problems of illegal parking.

The answer would be the deployment of a traffic warden which many other towns have, but again the stumbling block appears to be the cost of employing one. Never the less it is to be pursued.

“Brian Banks from ESCC Highways said it is now in hand to present a plan to the Council for the loading bays agreed outside the “George Hotel” which it is hoped will relieve the traffic chaos in Lion Street.

“It was a good start and further meetings are expected to take place on a quarterly basis.”